Postdoctoral Training in Tumor Biology

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Our comprehensive postdoctoral training program in cancer integrates interactive research in the basic biology of cancer; formal and informal coursework in key areas; and individualized guidance in career mentoring through the Biomedical Graduate Education Office of Postdoctoral Development & Training Grant Support.

Our postdoctoral fellows undertake an individualized training program encompassing scientific writing, teaching methodologies, resources and technologies for cancer research, and ethics in science. This approach provides a solid foundation in the skills needed to succeed in a scientific career, as well as focused research experience in basic cancer biology in a strong laboratory environment. Trainees are exposed to the diverse community of Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center research scientists involved in a variety of multidisciplinary aspects of cancer research.

Beyond the lab, the program provides opportunities for support in the transition to independent cancer research scientist. Recognizing that there are many ways in which scientists can use their training in the battle against cancer, we also provide information on nontraditional career paths. Our objective is to encourage postdocs who choose not to pursue traditional research but may wish to use their cancer research background in other areas, such as science writing or public policy.

The combination of components designed and developed for this program, along with Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center’s extensive experience in cancer research and training, delivers a unique, comprehensive postdoctoral training program that prepares young scientists for successful, productive careers in the fight against cancer.

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